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Welcome to 
Paj Nag Tshiab
Dance Company

Welcome to our dance company! We are a non-competitive dance group that aims to cultivate leaders in dance and promote the Hmong dance culture and legacy. Our community combines Lao, Thai, Contemporary and Chinese dances, but are not limited to these  dance types to create a unique and vibrant experience. Join us in celebrating our rich cultural heritage through the art of dance.


At the Hmong Dance Company, we are dedicated to creating secure and welcoming environment for those who love Hmong dance and its diaspora. Our goal is to encourage collaboration, creativity, and learning, while also promoting the fusion of Hmong dance with other dance styles.


Imagine a safe and uplifting space where the art of Hmong dance blooms, nurturing growth and progress for all who step inside. We want to sprinkle a dash of positivity and creativity into everyone's lives through the magic of Hmong dance.


We thrive on respect, community, collaboration, leadership, and committing to our goals while bouncing back stronger than ever. Our community is made up of a crew of hard-working dancers who never give up!
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