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STARTS JULY 1st 2024

We are recruiting for the following

Performance Group 


Our performance group will be coached and trained to perform in the community. 


Enrollees must have some experience with dance, it does not have to be specific to Hmong dance. 18+ years old, committed & dedicated to 2 practices a week for 3 hours each practice, reliable transportation although our team can provide transportation based on need.

There is a monthly fee of $120 or $1,111/year.

*No refunds*

**The fees cover payment to your instructor, some performance attire, travel costs, and any other miscellaneous items for the group. 

Weekly Workshops


Our weekly workshops happen once a week based on our schedules that will be posted monthly on our site and Facebook page. You'll get to learn some variations of Hmong dance and have the creative freedom with our community members. 

There is a $15 fee per session. 

*No refunds*


Open to all cultures, backgrounds, race, gender, ethnicity, ages, all levels of experience and to anyone who wants to come make friends and have fun!


Dance Coaching 1:1 


We provide coaching to dancers of all levels starting at age 6+ based on our coaches/instructors availability. They are held for a minimum of 2 hours for $25 per hour. We focus primarily on Hmong dance, but are not limited to only Hmong dance based on the experience of our dance coaches. Our agile approach are centered on the person's skills and abilities to learn. We use a positive approach to coach dancers and listen to their needs and what will help them succeed. Our approach ensures that dancers are able to lead themselves and others to collaborate and build leadership skills to become successful dancers

*No refunds*


We’re going to Sabaidee Festival 2024!

We haven been fortunate to attend Sabaidee Festival 2024 to perform on their cultural stage! We will be bringing one group of dancers to...

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